EMV offer an unrivalled depth of range and expertise in all aspects of the design, manufacture, testing, installation, service and maintenance of air handling equipment.

We design and install bespoke air handling unit (AHU) packages to serve offices, shopping centres, hospitals, factories, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing plants.

Our AHU packages are specifically designed to meet our customer’s precise requirements. EMV ensure that all our packages are designed to utilise the most energy efficient technology currently available. We believe this approach ensures are customers always return to EMV for their ventilation requirements.

Every commercial air conditioning and ventilation system depends on air handling units to circulate air throughout the building. The air handling units are big metal boxes that consist of a blower, filter, attenuators, dampers, cooling elements and/or heating elements. You cannot have a robust precision cooling system without high-quality air handling units.

Essex Mechanical Ventilation is a professional designer and installer of commercial air handling equipment. We customise our air handling equipment to accommodate the facility that our client operates. These facilities might include manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical companies, factories, hospitals, shopping centres, and offices.

When you contact us to request an air handler installation, the first step is for us to assess your commercial property. We’ll need to examine your current HVAC system and other aspects of your property. Do you want energy-efficient technology to be used? Do you want a very cool environment? Once you tell us your specifications, we can proceed to custom design your air handler units. That will be followed by the installation of the units.

Essex Mechanical Ventilation employs the very best air conditioning and ventilation technicians in the industry. They’ve undergone extensive training and education to become certified in this field. You can trust that they will do an exceptional job with the design and installation of these units in your facility.

In the future, if you ever need maintenance or inspection work done on your air handler units, you can always depend on Essex Mechanical Ventilation for this task. It is essential to have your air handlers checked at least once per year to ensure they’re in good working order. That way, you can get the most life out of them that is possible. 

Do you have any questions about our air handler units? Do you want to discuss the air and ventilation needs of your commercial facility? If so, then use the contact information to reach the staff in our office.

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